Monday, December 27, 2010

Guttenberg gave us the first printed Bible and now asks for a Ronald Reagan memorial in Berlin

In 1439 a great innovator from Germany named Johannes Gutenberg gave the world the first printed Bible with his revolutionary printing press. Now in 2010 another great innovator Karl-Theodor Gutenberg, conservative German politician and German defense minister is on a campaign to have Berlin honor the late US president Ronald Regan by naming a street or square after him by what would have been his 100th birthday on February 6th.

He told the daily Bild; “I would welcome naming a street after this great honorary citizen and it would be evidence that the gratitude of (the city’s left-wing government) didn’t stop at (leftist student leader) Rudi Dutschke,”

Gutenberg and other conservative German politicians are frustrated that the government has no plans to honor the man whom they believe brought an end to the Soviet Union with his strong stance against communism marked by his famous speech at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate in 1987 where he said; “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Other German leaders including Christian Democratic MP Ruprecht Polenz belives that Germany should, “permanently remember this great friend of Germany in a prominent place.” He added that German reunification would not have been possible without Reagan.

Another state legislator, Martin Linder a member of the pro-business Free Democrats slammed city officials for being “blind to history” by ignoring the effect of President Reagan. In a statement to Bild he said; “Germany and especially Berlin owe a lot to Ronald Regan,”

It seems that this idea has been embraced by various German political groups and parties. Even the youth wing of the Christian Democrats weighed in on the subject by a statement from Philipp Mibfelder the head of their party who said that it was “shameful” not to celebrate the upcoming birthday of Reagan.

Of course there are always those who want to re-write history or totally ignore the facts if they are not complimentary to their own political beliefs. Just as there are uninformed or dishonest German’s there we here in the US have our share (or more than our share) of idiots who refuse to accept the fact that President Ronald Reagan was the catapult that brought down not only the Berlin wall but the ENTIRE soviet empire!

I cringe when I hear ignorant rants about how much money Regan spent on defense. These people with an IQ of about 25 or mental capacity of less than a 3 year old also known as IDIOTS simply don’t or refuse to understand that the concept of peace through strength really works EVERY time it is tried.

This was the entire foreign policy agenda of Ronald Reagan, the idea that a bully will not pick on you if you can defend yourself and the bully will eventually go away and hide if he thinks you can also defeat him!

The simple fact is that Reagan’s arms buildup caused the Soviet Empire to crumble because it did not have the financial ability to keep up the race! Gorbachev understood as he presided over the eventual defeat of the Soviet Union. This defeat caused East Germany to give up its seat in a defeated empire. And with no support to fight off the west the Berlin wall came down.

If it had not been for a strong and determined US President, Ronald Reagan Germany would still be divided today and the Soviet Union would still be in power and even stronger due to the moronic policies of our current president Obama and his socialist party!

The Gutenberg name now shares two great ideas based on freedom, a printing press so that the masses can read and learn and honoring the man who fought to tear down walls and barriers and evil empires that rob men of freedom, Ronald Reagan. Kudos to Gutenberg--a great conservative thinker!


  1. Absolutely Awesome post!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. What is it called when someone states the obvious? DUH? Nice post Phill. Thanks for always getting it wRIGHT!

  3. Hey Phill,

    just stumbled upon your post.

    Two quick comments. The inventor of the printing press was actually spelled "Gutenberg" - but honoring the Gipper, who supposedly said "Facts are stupid things", I guess you can just leave it this way.

    And it's so funny that you actually use what we in Germany call the "Deppenapostroph" (you can translate it literally as "idiot's apostroph" into English) when you write about "idiots". Thank you for that, great comedy.

    But you can probably blame that on socialist teachers and the socialist mainstream media (or your socialist keyboard) and all these other socialist idiot's (oops) who have confused you.

  4. Hey anonymous from Germany,

    Thanks for your comments on my post or should I say the two spelling errors. I made the spelling corrections you suggested.

    Since you made no other comments on the content I assume that you as a German appreciate all that the US, in this case president Regan did to once again unite Germany.

    I am also sure that you are grateful to the free capitalist country of the United States of America that with the wisdom and determination of president Reagan you too enjoy more freedom.

    The only thing that has confused me is your sense of comedy. If you care to give me your email I would be more than happy to refer you to some sites that would really make your laugh like Disney, Sesame Street or maybe Barney and friends.


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