Friday, February 28, 2014

Count My Vote is nothing more than a plan for the Self Proclaimed Political Elite to take over the Republican Party

It has been quiet a long time since I posted in my blog.  Since being elected Chair of the Davis County Republican Party I have had to adhere to the neutrality clause regarding political candidates. However, it is my responsibility to promote the platform and beliefs of the Davis County Republican Party.  In December of 2014 the Davis County Central Committee overwhelmingly approved a resolution in support of the Utah Caucus Convention System and in opposition to the Count My Vote Initiative.  Since that time I have done  everything in my power to continue the fight of promoting our Caucus System. Below is an email I sent on February 27, 2014 to the entire Davis County Republican Party State and County Delegates and Leaders.

I am still leading the fight from Davis County to defend our Utah Caucus System. Utah has received numerous national accolades BECAUSE of our Caucus/Convention system, not IN-SPITE of it. The reason is because our elected officials are accountable to the people,our delegates, face-to-face.  They cannot buy your vote with an expensive Direct Primary add campaign like CMV is proposing.

We've had the Caucus System since Utah became a State in 1896. The Count My Vote initiative is flawed and extremely deceptive. If passed into law it will not increase voter participation. 

Look at history and you will see that from 1937 to 1947 Utah did away with the Caucus System.  It was reinstated in 1947 for many reasons, most importantly because voter turnout dropped below 10% with a Direct Primary, and big money special interest candidates outspent the opponents in the Direct Primary. Would you like to see a candidate elected with just 10% of the votes? That's exactly what you would get if CMV is successful, AND the Republican candidate could actually be a Democrat!
Utah already tried what CMV is proposing and it was a disaster! Let's not make the same mistake twice!
If you have signed the petition you can have your name removed from it.    CLICK HERE   After completing the form take it to the Davis County Clerk.  
Don't believe the lies and disinformation propagated by the CMV gang.  Follow the money and you'll discover who is behind the destruction of our Caucus System, and why.  It is simply the UN-electable political elitists who's ideas and beliefs run contrary to the Utah Republican Party Platform, and because of such they know that educated delegates would never vote for them!

CMV is breaking the law and using every dirty tactic to get signatures on their petition. On February 21, 2014 a Group called Protect Our Neighborhood Elections gave a list of illegal activity complaints against CMV to the Utah Lt. Governor. 
Watch a Video here that shows the blatant hypocrisy and desperation of CMV to get signatures on their petition.

Remember REAL GRASS ROOTS is Hands Raised, Voices Heard and Votes that Count; all part of the Utah Caucus System.  
Make Your Vote Count and attend  the  
Utah Caucus Night March 20, 2014 

Go to the DCRP website  
for more information on your Caucus Locations 


Phill Wright, Chair DCRP
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