Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Death Panels are back and Sarah Palin was right!

Remember when president Obama was making all of those back room deals with legislators by promising them special favors such as state exemptions and piles of payoff cash for their districts and states if they would support his Obama-Care Health Care Plan? Before I go further let me correct something…it was NOT HIS plan! He did not propose the legislation it was his ultra leftist and communist special interest groups who actually wrote the 2000 plus page monstrosity.

Anyway, as he traveled the halls of Congress trying to drum up support for the Health Care Bill he continued to run into opposition from members of his own party. Too many Democrats were cautious and concerned about how their constituents would respond to the government takeover of health care.

And then for Obama, the unthinkable happened; the country’s favorite mom, Conservative Republican Sarah Palin called one of the provisions in the Health Care Plan “Death Panels”. This was the idea that the government would create panels to determine when it was necessary to end health care for an elderly person whose treatment would only postpone the inevitable. Medicare would pay doctors to discuss with patients their end-of-life options for the type of care they would want to receive. Government panels would decide which treatments were appropriate for various diseases and treatments that were not appropriate would not be covered.

President Obama and his political minions ran around the country and showed up on the airwaves denying such a panel. But as more and more people began to read the legislation, that by the way; most of our legislators never read, they confirmed that Sara Palin was right with her accusation of Death Panels.

Eventually, in order to get his liberty-theft Health Care atrocity passed he agreed to remove any reference to the government panels for end-of-life counseling—“Death Panels”. We all know the rest of the story, against the wishes of an overwhelming majority of US citizens and with the help of “Nanny” Pelosi and “Scary” Reid and millions of dollars in bribe payoff money to Senators and members of Congress the bill passed.

Now months later the NEW YORK TIMES just published an interesting article on a subject that was supposed to be kept Hushed to the public; “OBAMA INSTITUTES END OF LIFE PLAN THAT CAUSED STIR”.

The Obama administration is now writing the “Rules” for the new legislation and in doing so they have re-inserted this controversial provision into the plan. I find it interesting that they have the legal authority to add anything to a bill that has already been passed by congress. They have taken the stance that if the original bill did not use the term to prohibit something that it was acceptable and legal to add it in.

It will only be a matter of time before we discover that Mr. Obama also adds in the provision for this new health care plan to cover another item that the majority of Americans furiously objected to; government sponsored and funded abortion. If this is going to be the new norm for president Obama and his cronies to overwrite the law of the land we are all in a heap of trouble as he becomes no different than any other socialist dictator of the world past or present.

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