Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Obama administration refuses to acknowledge that it was due to the Bush administration policy on interrogating terrorists that information was received to stop several more US bombing attempts over the last decade and the information that eventually led to the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden! Yet, the Obama administration continues to investigate CIA interrogators whose interrogation methods have resulted in this information. I say it’s time to leave our military and our intelligence officers alone and let them do their job regardless of how uncomfortable it makes you feel!

We were initially told that photo's of the dead Osama bin Laden would be released to the public last Monday, then Tuesday as confirmed by Leon Penetta the CIA chief and then Obama made a statement that he would not be releasing the photos for fear of retribution!

He did not want to disturb people with the graphic nature of the pictures. President Obama have you ever heard the name Nick Berg? Remember him, the American who was videotaped by Al Qaeda as they sawed his head off and then posted the video on the internet? It was the most gruesome thing I have ever watched and yes it did disturb me, it made me want to see every last Islamic terrorist shot dead, especially Osama bin Laden!

NO, I have no interest in watching a man get his head cut off but I would like to see picture evidence that the most evil mass murderer in my day has been shot dead! I don’t care who in the Islamic Terrorist community it disturbs. I want them to know that our military will hunt down every last one of them until they are all dead! Yes, this is very disturbing and so is the death of over 4000 Americans including young brave members of our military since September 11, 2001.

I am sick and tired of political correctness and government lies and distortions in order to protect someone’s poll numbers. Obama didn’t consider visiting ground zero the first two years of his presidency to pay any respect to the thousands who died a senseless and merciless death. Yet, today he parades himself around the site as the man who brought down Osama bin Laden like we owe him some great homage!

The American people are not stupid! We see through his political shenanigans and know he is politicizing this event in order to prop up his weak presidency. We see how his foreign policy of “US Apologizer-in-Chief” has damaged our standing in the world and has weakened our military. We see how his administrations slap in the face to Israel, our ONLY ally in the Middle East and his sympathetic rants supporting the Palestinians one of the other terrorists groups, his back turning on Georgia and other former Soviet countries has made the government of the United States of America a fair whether friend.

No Mr. Obama, I do not care how much pictures of the shot in the head dead Osama bin Laden disturb our enemies. But I do care that you have alienated our allies and turned the American back on our friends in Brittan and all of those who rallied with us for our attack on terror after 911.

The American people and the people of the world see through your lies and arrogance. We all know that you were never qualified to be the president of the most powerful and free country on the earth. You can attempt to milk this event for as much publicity and poll numbers as possible, but any political bounce that goes up will quickly come down. The only thing disturbing to the American people and our allies about the death of Osama bin Laden, is you Barak Hussein Obama!


  1. Phil,

    I have heard several different opinions about this subject bounced around by conservatives and I have to say that I think this issue is a real loser for the Republicans. Obama deserves some credit for how he handled this situation. Also, he did reach out to President Bush and invited him to visit ground zero with him. I would have liked to see Bush go with him to promote unity but certainly respect his wish to remain out of the public spotlight. Obama has been terrible for our economy and I certainly do not anticipate voting for him in 2012 but I happen to agree with his decision to not release the photo of Bin Laden. Most Americans also agree with this (65% I believe in the poll I saw). The release of the photograph would do nothing to deter future terrorist acts. All it would do is serve as a propaganda tool for those who hate us. Now I do accept the argument that they are going to hate us anyway however I see very little upside to releasing the photo.

    As for the enhanced interrogation techniques debate. While I support using those in circumstances like these we will never really know what could have been gleaned from these detainees if they had used other methods. Again, the Republicans would be wise to give Obama credit for authorizing the mission that finally killed Bin Laden and move on to discussing his horrible job killing economic policies. The Republican field needs to get on mission and talk about jobs, and the rising debt. This will get them elected. I watched to Obama interview on 60 Minutes last night and I thought he was very deferential to the military and the intelligence agencies. Criticizing him for how he is handling the aftermath of killing the world's foremost terrorist is only going to take attention off the fact that he has hurt our economy with some poor economic policies.

    I always appreciate your firm stance on issues and the way you articulate them but I am going to disagree with you on this one.

  2. Thanks for your comments Marc. The reason I wrote this post is because it irritated me how President Obama attempted to define his presidency by one executive order without giving enough credit to our military for discovering the location of Bin Laden and developing the plan to take him out.

    It was also irritating how he campaigned against what he called approved torture methods by the Bush administration yet he did not change the Bush policy after he was elected and it was that policy that eventually led to the location of Osama bin Laden.

    One other thing, water boarding is a lot less painful then having ones head sawed off! And as far as I know the US has never resorted to cutting off the heads of enemy combatants to get information.

    Truly I don't need to see the death photo but our enemies have no problem releasing photo's each time they torture and murder one of our citizens. I agree that the Republicans need to focus on Obama’s extremely inept handling of the economy and his outrageous spending that has given us a 14 trillion dollar deficit. Having said that, I don’t think we should overlook any feeble attempt Obama makes to garner any public support, including his attempt of reliving a scene from Mission Impossible where he is the hero who is lowered into danger by a rope while accomplishing the impossible!

    I always appreciate your comments, and reverently salute your military service.


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