Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t be voting for Bennett to serve another term either!

Bob Bennett has been a US Senator for 18 years now and it is time for him to do the admirable thing and step down. The arrogance in Washington is unbelievable in this day and age. We just witnessed the liberal Democrats and our Socialist President Obama push through the most outrageous, expensive and unconstitutional health care reform bill in US history! Nearly 70% of the citizens in this country were against it yet they thumbed their noses at us and did it anyway.

Senator Bennett and his supporters will tell you that he stood alongside all of the Republicans in defiance of this bill, yet what he won’t tell you is that over two years ago he proposed a very similar health care reform bill of his own, Senate Bill 391 that he co-authored with liberal Democrat Ron Wyden of Oregon. This bill was even quoted by Obama as evidence that there was bipartisan support for his health care reform bill.

If Senator Bennett’s bill had passed it too would have included (illegal) government mandates forcing every American citizen to buy the government health insurance or pay costly fines for non compliance. In fact, Bennett’s bill was used as a pattern for the bill Congress finally passed!

Bob Bennett may have served well his first two terms but he, like most, who become career politicians has forgotten the conservative values he took to Washington eighteen years ago. It infuriates me to hear these seasoned politicians claim that due to their tenure and seniority that they have the power to stop Washington from imposing its will on us. This is the BIG LIE! Our Founding Fathers never intended for citizens to make politics a career. In actuality, the opposite is true of seniority, it does not protect us it deprives us of our freedoms.

Thomas Jefferson said; “Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” Tyranny happens when government gets too powerful and exerts its will on the people, such as this outlandish health care bill that just passed. And YES, people, Senator Bob Bennett would have tried to push his health care bill through if the liberal Democrats had not succeeded with theirs!

This is one of MANY reasons that I WILL NOT VOTE FOR BENNETT again! He is no different on this horrible issue than all of the liberals who voted for it! If Thomas Jefferson were alive today he would rally as many as possible against Bob Bennett!


  1. Dude,

    Jefferson was a Dem. Of course he'd be railing against Bennett . . .

  2. Yes, and he would be railing against the entire Democrat party for they way they have hijacked the constitution too!

  3. Jefferson would've loathed the tea parties. He spoke out often on groups who do not live up to the responsibility of educating themselves on the issues. He also deplored divisive, emotionally charged rhetoric... such as... oh... "hijacked the Constitution."

    Those who disagree with you love there country no less than you do, and you do a disservice to the argument you make when you imply as much.

    A shorter way I could say all this? Grow up, Phill.

  4. Jason, I find it interesting that people of your political persuasion who claim to be all inclusive are always the ones who make the divisive remarks about other people's opinions.

    Members of the "Tea party" movement don't spew hate, they unlike others emphasize the importance of upholding the constitution. What the liberals and progressives did with the Health Care bill is unconstitutional. You cannot find anywhere in the constitution where it gives the government the right to force any citizen to buy anything, including health care.

    When a member of my political party crosses the line such as has Senator Bennett I will call him on it. Unfortunately you would rather stick up for those in your party who defy the constitution than to call them on what they have done.

    You cannot be excused by willful ignorance. Jefferson may have been an early Democrat but today he would be appalled at what has happened to the Democrat party.

    It is time for people of all political beliefs to stand up for what is right, not what is politically correct. As a Republican I am standing up against some of the misguided ideas of Senator Bennett and it would serve you well to do the same against members of your party who arrogantly refuse to uphold the oath they took to uphold the constitution.


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