Monday, May 24, 2010

It’s time to say “good bye” to those LEFT LEANING Republicans!

I realize that there are many degrees of Republicans in the Utah Republican party, but those who have leaned so far to the left that they have actually climbed on board of the Democrat express need to turn in their “R’s” for “D’s.”
Two prominent Utah Republican women have recently stepped into the political spotlight by embracing the Democrat party while still claiming to be Republican. One is from Salt Lake and the other is from Bountiful.

A small article appeared on Section B of THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE May 21st 2010 edition by Paul Rolly, titled “Some in GOP see the right turning wrong” I applaud his accurate headline. Former Salt Lake County Republican Chairwoman Tiani Coleman is the campaign manager for Karen Hyer the Democrat candidate for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District seat currently held by Republican Jason Chaffetz.

According to Rolly’s article Coleman claims to be a conservative but doesn’t like the direction the Utah GOP is going. She then lamented what she called the “pandering of politicians to a small group of delegates in order to win the party’s nomination.” Hey Tiani isn’t that the way you won the party’s nomination to be the Salt Lake County Chair? Looks like it worked just fine for you but it’s not fair for anybody else! She says that she is considering becoming unaffiliated. Hey Tiani, I will second the motion for you to become unaffiliated. All in favor say “I”. The motion carries, “Good bye!”

Now let’s look at Bountiful resident Sheryl Allen who first ran for and was elected as a State Representative in House District 19 in 1994 and has maintained her seat for the last 16 years in fact most of her re-elections were unchallenged. She has been noted as one of the most liberal Representatives in the Utah House, yet she serves from the conservative city of Bountiful. How could a “left leaning moderate” continue to be re-elected for seven terms?

Sheryl Allen is the Foundation Director of the Davis County School District, an impressive non-profit organization with the objective of securing “contributions from private sources to help fund enrichment and learning projects not funded through the normal budgetary process” (as stated on its website

She also served on the Davis County School Board from 1977 to 1989. Could her longevity as a member of the Utah House of Representatives have something to do with her heavily entrenched involvement with the UEA? It never hurts to have a large union backing you for political office and it is a great deterrent to would-be challengers who aren’t up to spending that type of matching funds for a campaign.

I find it interesting that within days of Sheryl’s announcement that she would not run another term that there were four contenders for her seat. Where were these people the last sixteen years? I know that most of them were living in Bountiful at the time and some were very politically active.

Anyway, here is the reason I believe that Sheryl Allen should turn in her Republican motif in exchange for a new “D” next to her name. Sheryl Allen has been named by Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate and current Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon as his running mate for this November's special election. Gee, am I missing something here? Is a long-time “Republican” member of the Utah House of Representatives running as a Democrat for the office of Lt. Governor? And is she doing so while still holding onto her letterman’s jacket from her Republican Alma Mater?

She was quoted as saying; "I really want to preach the gospel of bi-partisanship," and will join Corroon in "getting back to basics" to improve Utah's educational system and our economy.” Is this for real? I know Sheryl personally and she is a likeable and very intelligent person but does she really expect us, her fellow Republicans in her home town to simply smile and yell “Go Sheryl go!” while fighting against the Republican candidate for Utah Governor???

And I have a big issue with someone like Sheryl Allen who has successfully obtained millions and millions of dollars from the Utah tax payers over the years for education to talk about how we need to “get back to basics.” What basics could she be talking about, reading, writing and arithmetic or better pay for teachers and more accountability from the school districts and administration? Or how about smaller class sizes?

While I’m on the subject she also fought against a key point in the Utah Republican platform called a parent’s choice in education. If this is what she means then why did she fight so hard against Charter Schools which have proven to reduce the size of public schools and have higher test scores with smaller class sizes?

It seems to me Sheryl, that the best way to get back to basics in education is to reduce the role of the government and increase the role of the parents in education. Then let’s target the exceptional teachers and give them a raise and ask the tenured and checked out teachers to consider one of two options, an early retirement or an early retirement!

To recap, more schools, smaller class sizes being taught by the best teachers who make the highest pay. Why is this so difficult to do? Yeah, I know, it's called UEA! (Usurped Education Association).

I don’t question that Tiani Coleman and Sheryl Allen have done some good along the way in their respective political offices within the Republican Party. But I do find it interesting that they both think they can simultaneously ride two trains on two tracks heading further and further apart from one another. Even Gumby can only stretch so far before losing a limb. So for your own health and our well being, here’s a boot to help you make your decision. And to make it as clear as possible we’ve added a very prominent letter “D” to the tread. “Good Bye!”


  1. The future of both parties is going to be very interesting to watch over the next few years. Will the Rand Paul’s of the world rise up and become the faces of the parties or will the “moderates” continue to run the party. I think the republicans would be wise to focus on a fiscal message over the next six months and nothing else. They stumble when they venture into other subjects but the economy and spending remain the biggest issues for voters and the Republicans can really own this issue this year. As Ronald Reagan said in 1976 the republicans don’t need a third party (or a tea party) they need a revitalized republican party that will tow the line on spending even if it means entitlement reform which is never popular but very necessary.
    Locally I actually don’t mind Peter Coroon. I probably will not vote for him but I think he is pretty transparent with his ideas. Sheryl Allen is an interesting case. She has always been a moderate and garnered enough respect in the community to keep winning elections. Remember “moderate” used to be a good place to be politically. This year I think people want reformers and they tend to come from the right wing of the party.

  2. Marc,

    Moderates have been running the party for the last several elections and what has it done for us? Bush with his broken promise and one term "Read my lips, No new taxes" led to Dole who was so moderate that he referred to himself in third person and his loss led to eight years of Clinton & Gore and then eight years of Bush W. who spent like a teen-aged diva in Bloomingdale's with her daddies credit card. And what did the last election give us with a moderate John McCain at the helm of the Republican Party? The most liberal and openly socialist president in US history, Barrack Obama! When will the moderates wake up to reality?

    I agree that we don't need a new Party, but the "Tea Party" is a movement not a political party. It is the wake up call Republican's need to get them back on the train of fiscal responsibility.

    I'm always grateful for the reformers who come from the right wing of the party. Thanks for bringing it home by quoting the hero of Conservative thinking, Ronald Reagan, the last true conservative and right wing Republican to serve as US President.

  3. Voters in 19 elected Sheryl by an overwhelming margin time and time again. Before her were two other republicans that you probably think are really democrats. Maybe everybody else is right and you've missed the boat on this one?

  4. Natalie, you always win with an overwhelming margin when you are the ONLY candidate! There is NO EXCUSE for someone claiming to be a Republican while running as a DEMOCRAT on the DEMOCRAT ticket for Lt. Governor. I am surprised that any "Republican" would try to stick up for Sheryl on this one. The only Republicans that I think are Democrats are the ones who act and vote like Democrats. If it looks like a duck...

  5. Phill,

    I don't always agree with your blog, but this last post was some of your best work. (Yes I do read your blog.) Again their are points I don't agree with, but they are minor enough to let slide.

    I am not happy with Shery jumping parties, but nobody who follows Bountiful politics should be very surprised. We all know she skirted the very left of your and my party. Sheryl did however do some significant things that helped out both Bountiful City and the citizens of our great city. I will be forever grateful for her past service but I don't plan of voting for her and Peter in the General.

    I like your new toned down but pointed approach to your blog. I hope it becomes a trend.

    John Marc Knight
    Bountiful, UT

  6. Councilman Knight thanks for your comments. I respect your opinion and I appreciate the service you have rendered to Bountiful City. And as we approach Memorial Day I also thank you for your military service to our country.

    As I stated in my post, I know Sheryl personally and I know she has done many good things over the years but I cannot condone her decision to turn on her own party while wearing the party uniform. Sorry for the comparison but it seems to make the point best. If she wants to run on the Democrat ticket then she needs to run as a Democrat not a RHINO Republican.

    I think the question is what is she holding onto the “R” for? After this it will be hard to use it for a safety net.

  7. Phill,

    Why don't you edit down your post and submit it to the Tribune or Deseret News for publication in its Sunday edition. I think it reads well enough to compete for editorial space with most of the other op-ed pieces I have read lately.

    John Marc Knight
    Bountiful, UT

  8. I am not defending Sheryl's jump to Corroon, and I am voting for Herbert/Bell. But this post, and some of your previous posts, seem to say, "If you don't agree with the far right of the party, good riddance." I'm not convinced that's what's best for the party.

  9. Natalie,

    Don't assume that the "Far Right" as you call them have the corner on offending people with their comments. You do a good job labeling people without the facts. I would like to know in your opinion what constitutes someone who is far right. Your last comment seemed to label me as far right simply because I believe that integrity and honesty should accompany any politician especially those who represent the Republican Party. When I call someone on their unethical or dishonest behavior it is not an indication of my political bias, it is simply holding our elected officials accountable. I do believe that there is more black and white in Party politics and that people need to carefully evaluate their core belief system before claiming association with a specific political party. And I have no patience for politicians who chose a party for political convenience to simply get the elected as a Republican and then they vote like a Democrat. The only time my blog has suggested a member of the Republican Party should affiliate with a different party is when they openly and arrogantly go against our Party as have Sheryl and Tiani. I didn't use the term "Good Riddance" as you suggested but I did encourage them to be true to themselves and simply join the party they are most comfortable with. I also get irritated when people don't agree with the core beliefs of their church so they try to change their church. If you don't like or agree with your church or political party simply find one you can agree with. But don't muddy the water for those who are faithful. I don't hide who I am or what I believe. My website is called LeaningwRight not mildlyModerate; I believe that one is still available if you're interested. We can still be friends and disagree but I do try hard not to insult people with my beliefs.


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